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Article: Who's got time to pack? Helpful laptop bags for metro life.

Who's got time to pack? Helpful laptop bags for metro life.

Who's got time to pack? Helpful laptop bags for metro life.


From Netflix and chill to virtual meetings to keeping up with deadlines and more. Our laptops have taken center stage in today’s modern lifestyle.
It becomes one of most sought-after accessories while you’re travelling. In our story today we’re breaking down laptop bags and which type can be the most helpful to you.

Laptop bags: A Definition

Now it’s not rocket science to figure this one out. Simply defined, a backpack or bag for laptops is an accessory that allows you to safely store them and move them from one place to another.

Backpacks had been in the market since 1878 when Henry Miriam made the Knapsack for the US Army.

In 1967, Greg Lowe created the world’s first backpack with internal compartments. He also introduced side straps for compression and a sternum strap.  
Today they have become travel essentials to accessories other than laptops. Like, books, water bottles, cables, chargers, tablets, iPads and more.

The thing to always remember is that a laptop bag at its core will always serve the purpose of keeping your laptop secure and moving it from one place to another while its secondary role could be in also keeping your other essentials secure. 

Things to keep in mind when considering laptop bags

You might take your laptop to work, study or on a trip. Well, here are some points you should consider when investing in a laptop bag.
It might be difficult to name a laptop bag and call it ‘the best’ as modern-day office-goers have specific use cases. For instance, a coder will have a different laptop setup. They will use a laptop bag with a certain sense of their profession.

Design-  When it comes to style or silhouette, they have imagined some very intricate designs. Like:-

       1. Laptop Bag- On the lines of strapped a bag with padded compartments for a laptop and other utilities.
  1. Laptop Sling backpack- A new iteration of the design, most used by freelancers and individuals who like working from cozy cafes sipping freshly brewed coffee, a mix of tote bag and messenger they have adjustable straps and padded compartments.

  2. Laptop Sleeve/Case- With a minimal design it mimics the rectangular shape of the laptop with a padded compartment and pocket for accessories like chargers and cable.
  1. Laptop Messenger Bag- A classic, the messenger bag has been the go-to choice of many professionals because of its sleek outline and bail handles.

    Commute: The style you go for also should align with your choice of travel for work. If you travel by public transport then you would pick a space-saving style. Also,  handling style would also be of concern as you might want to switch. Depending on the number of people travelling around you.

If you travel by two-wheeler then you need a solid exterior. They can endure the wear and tear of the environment like rain, dust and hail.

Material: One of the most important factors when it comes to functionality. Most laptop bags are made with Standard Nylon, Ballistic Nylon, Ripstop Nylon, Polyester, Canvas, Leather Tarpaulin or TPE Fabric Laminate.
For a safer approach, brands have started making bags from polycarbonate exteriors. 

Size:  It depends on the screen size of your laptop, frankly. Secondly, what size of the bag should you go for based on the accessories you carry? They generally are available in sizes like 15 L, 30 L or 45 L made for screen sizes 13’’ up to 16’’.

Accessories:  Now you don’t just carry a mere laptop, do you? There are utilities that you especially need while going to work like a charger, a sipper for hydration and a packed meal for nutrition. This aspect becomes really important for regular 9-5 people and students going to university.

This or that: laptop bag or trolley backpack?

The Laptop Bag
When you want to buy a laptop bag with shoulder straps. The choice is excellent for office and college folks alike. With this, you get a sturdy travel mechanism, a solid material, security and ample storage.

  • Made with durable polyester you get splash proof material. Made to endure daily wear and tear 
  • Multiple zipper enclosure pockets and compartments for storing accessories and utilities.
  • Sweat-resistant back panel and cushioned shoulder straps for comfortable carrying.
  • Pick a size that fits you it comes in various storage capacities and also for different laptop screen sizes.
  • Can be easily carried in public and personal modes of commute.

Messenger Bag

One of the most classic designs, this silhouette is used by working and business professionals. Versatile materials and the sleek aesthetic make it one of the top choices when it comes to buy laptop bags online.
    • Made with versatile materials like polyester, leather, canvas etc.
    • Dedicated zippered compartments for better organisation 
    • The elegance it adds to your outfits
    • Ideal for public commutes as it takes less space 
    • Features like bail handles and side straps make handling easy.

          The Hardshell Bag 

            A sturdy spin on the classic design of the backpack it features a 100% polycarbonate exterior that makes it water resistant. Further has a sleeker design that makes handling easy. 

            • Unbreakable polycarbonate shell for enduring daily wear and tear

            • Sleek aesthetics with an easy-to-carry design

            • Flat lay opening for better organisation 

            Trolley Backpack

            A modern take that is made for quick getaways between work and travelling, smooth wheels, telescopic trolley and sweat-resistant back panel make it ergonomic.


            • Perfect for everyday commute with smooth wheels and telescopic trolley handle.

            • There’s ample size for you to store clothing, laptop and accessories 

            • Padded compartment for laptop protection

            • Added Zipper panel to cover shoulder straps for trolley handling.

            The final verdict

            With the newly attained laptop selection powers you’re on your way to select a laptop bag for yourself that’ll be your perfect work pal.
            For extended traveling and vacations, you can also choose Assembly’s range of hard luggage and soft luggage.

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