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Article: What goes into making the best hard luggage? A Complete Breakdown

What goes into making the best hard luggage? A Complete Breakdown

What goes into making the best hard luggage? A Complete Breakdown


In today’s time no traveller can think about vacation and not think about luggage. From classic suitcases to uber cool travel bags we’ve come a long way. But did you know? The first hard luggage was invented in the Kingdom of Britain in 1153 during the Crusades. The Royal Army used to transfer weaponry from one place to another; switch to 2023, and hard luggage has become a part of our daily lives, becoming our travel buddies for vacations. Find out how the best hard luggage is crafted to create a hassle-free experience for the user.

The Story Behind Making a Hard Luggage

As the name suggests -Hard luggage are trolley bags with rigid exteriors. Since travelling has expanded and become a part of daily lives, so have hard luggage.

What makes a cabin trolley bag classify as HARD LUGGAGE 

  • Rigid Exterior - The use of materials like polycarbonate, polypropylene Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and Aluminium (in case of luxury travel bags) helps users' possessions stay safe from rain, dust, moisture and hail.
  • A Thoughtful Ergonomic Design - A functional structure is one of the main requests of travellers that help them with packing and carrying their luggage.
  • When it comes to packing, whether cabin trolley bags have internal mesh pockets with zippers, packing cubes to sort clothing, shoes and toiletries, or extra compartments for tech like laptops, iPads, chargers, power banks and cables. The second aspect here is how easy it is to carry luggage, whether the luggage has a trolley mechanism with smooth wheels.
  • At Assembly, while creating the best cabin trolley bags, along with build and design, we also kept our ears to what the modern-day traveller wants in their luggage. This was an essential aspect when it came to creating the best hard luggage for users.

    Why is Hard Luggage best for travellers?

    Here are the reasons why it has been travellers' pick for ages:-

    • The 4 360* wheels make carrying easier for long trips compared to luggage with 2 wheels.   
    • The Polycarbonate shell is easy to clean, and protects the user's belongings. Given its construction, it's more durable than other types of luggage.
    • Hard cabin bags are also the choice for airports as it has an Easy Access Compartment and a zipper compartment at the front for storing Laptops, iPads, chargers, cables, books, etc. It allows travellers to have a laptop at their fingerprints and also helps them avoid the hassle of constantly opening their luggage during security checks.
    • Comes with Anti-theft zippers and TSA-approved locks for a safe vacation.
    The Best Hard Luggage, the Assembly way
    Homegrown- At our core, we're rooted in the ideals of our motherland. So we want to make the best hard side luggage in India for the world.
    Premium Craftsmanship- All our hard cabin bags for flight are made with a 100% polycarbonate shell. This material is superior in terms of strength and durability. Shock absorbent, scratch resistant and lightweight.
    Modern Functionality- Considering the perils travellers must go through, we added zipper pockets with mesh. With an ergonomic telescopic trolley and smooth 360° wheels for a smoother travelling experience.
    A Thoughtful Touch- Packing can be a tough cookie to crack; our team had received feedback from travellers that they needed to streamline the packing process and carry clothes wrinkle-free. The free packing cubes help you to pack more items systematically. We also threw a dust cover in the mix for days your luggage rests indoors tidyly.

    3 types of Best Hard Luggage

    Assembly's Hard luggage comes in 3 sizes depending upon the needs of the travellers.
    20’’ Cabin- This trolley bag is fit for 2-3 travel days.
    20’’ Cabin Pro- Comes with an EAS- Easy Access Compartment for storing laptops, books, magazines, etc., for hassle-free airport security checks.
    24’’ Check-in- This medium size trolley bag is ideal for 3-5 days of travel.
    28’’ Check-in- This large-size trolley bag is ideal for 5-7 days of travel.

    Classic Best Hard Luggage

    At Assembly, we've curated some fun styles that match the travel mood of travellers

    An All-time classic

    An ode to the timeless design, the classic cabins and check-ins have been crafted with 100% unbreakable polycarbonate. Available in 8 timeless colours, the airport uniform!


    "I just love one, said NO ONE EVER!"

    Ditch the monotone with Assemly's two-tone luggage. With free packing cubes, pack in no time.

    Printed Luggage

    "Print Your Vacation" 

    Say hello to the most good-looking trolley bag online, the printed luggage, where every colour tells a travel story. Comes with anti-theft zippers to ensure your luggage stays safe when it's not around you.


    Now that you know the 3 best hard luggage, there's only one thing left to do, TRAVEL! Unravel many adventures with Assembly Luggage.

    See you in the next story, have a splendid vacation.

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