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Meet our founders

Mohit and Aditya have always been explorers with a passion for travelling. While Mohit travels to experience the beauty of the unexplored and grow through cultural exchanges, Aditya travels to gain knowledge and learn about new places and their history. Despite their different motivations for travel, their shared love for the journey brought them together to create minimal and functional travel pieces for every traveller, paving the way for Assembly.

Mohit Garg

CEO and Co-Founder

Former Co-founder at Novex, one of India’s top 5 luggage manufacturers. Articulate about the intricacies of manufacturing. He wishes to innovate luggage for travellers so they appreciate journeys.

Aditya Khanna


Former co-founder at Tyroo Media, a digital ad network, and Kara, a leather goods and retail brand. Known for his meticulous penchant for material, it's all in the fine details for him.

We Understand Material 

We Know Luggage

We’re Obsessed With Details