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Loved the twist to classic Assembly looks with their 2-tone colour range, effortless travelling with this one.

- Parth Mehta

Easy to use, easier to flaunt.

- Faizan Patel

This bag is amazing!

- Vineeta

Effortless airport check- ins assured with this one! Stores enough for 2-3 days and the packing cubes are super thoughtful.

- Moksha Sharma

Loved how spacious and versatile this bag is. Can't recommend it enough!

- Linata Deshmukh

Using my messenger bag for the last 4 years, and it still looks (and works) as good as new!

- Pramesh Sardesai

A must-have for all tech lovers. Stores everything I use regularly & not so regularly, all in one place without getting anything lost.

- Nitin Arora

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