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Article: Trolley Bags

Trolley Bags

Trolley Bags

Trolley Bags Online: 5 reasons they are your sturdy travel pal

“To Move, To breathe, To breathe, To gain all while you can, to roam the land of remote:
To travel is to live..” - Hans Christian Andersen

Haven’t we all tried to look for trolley bags online? In today’s story, find out how they became our first travel pals.

Haven't we all resonated with the quote above? Week in and week out hustling trying to keep up with work emails, manager approvals, friend groups and social norms. Sometimes don’t we just want to close our laptops, pack our trolley bag and be at our favourite location in a tranquil place away from the usual?

How can trolley bags online be my travel pal?


We might be travelling with our OG gang or going solo, but there’s someone who is ever-present. From the point when you’re planning your itinerary to when you’re on vacation and finally, to the point your return.

It takes no time to realise that. In fact, your luggage trolley bag is indeed your mate for all your vacations. 

Firstly they don’t cancel on us at the last moment. Secondly, they take responsibility for safeguarding our personal items like clothing, shoes, passports, etc. and other accessories like laptops, tablets and other accessories. 

Now, Let us look at 5 reasons why trolley bags make for a sturdy travel pal.

5 reasons trolley bags online make for a sturdy travel pal

  1. Dependable durability

Your first travel pal needs to be able to handle your baggage literally, when it comes to trolley bags for travel, they should be manufactured with 100% polycarbonate shells. This German construction makes your luggage more durable and resistant to water, rain, snow and hail. For durable travelling, you need to buy trolley bags online with polycarbonate casing. 


  1. Seamless portability for effortless travelling

Conquering bustling airports, busy train stations, and vibrant city streets requires you to have a travel pal that can keep up. It should be ergonomic, for instance the presence of 360° wheels and metallic trolley handles contribute to a smooth travelling experience. This lightweight trolley bag ensures effortless gliding in every direction. Say goodbye to the strain of hauling heavy bags, as this trolley bag online becomes your silent partner in crime.

  1. Ample space and organization for stress-free packing

For travellers, packing always becomes a tough cookie to crack, so your travel pal needs to have dedicated space for your outfits and also the pieces bought to wear on vacation. Your luggage must have good capacity depending on the number of days you’ll be travelling. The organisation can be better sorted by packing cubes for your clothing.

  1. Advanced Security Features for Peace of Mind

Safety while travelling is a must, the medium size trolley bag should come with locking systems that let you enjoy vacations more securely. It should be equipped with a TSA-approved combination lock that guarantees the safety of your essentials during transit. Wave goodbye to worries about unauthorized access or misplaced items – this trolley bag has your back.

  1. Homegrown and thoughtful design that leaves an everlasting impression:


Travelling isn't merely about the destination; it's about the journey itself. Find a partner that is crafted to accompany you in the best manner possible. Meet Assembly Travel, thoughtfully designed luggage for the modern-day traveller. Made in India to cater to the radical diaspora. Our aim is to keep the needs of users at our core and then stitch the dots between thoughtful design and keeping functionality intact. For instance, adding an ‘Easy Access Slot’ for laptops, books and other essentials. This slot placed on our cabin pro allows you to breeze past security checks.

Assembly Luggage: Best Trolley bags online

Our Hard luggage is made in India using the best materials and premium craftsmanship.

1. 100% Polycarbonate Shell: It is the most durable and lightweight material. It is resistant to water, rain, dust and hail keeping your possessions secure.

2. 3 Free packing cubes:  Every luggage comes with 3 packing cubes and a dust cover. The packing cubes help you to pack clothing, toiletries and shoes. The dust cover allows you to keep the luggage clean, for the days you’re not travelling.

3. Ergonomic Trolley: The trolley bag for men and women comes with 360° wheels and a metallic trolley handle.

  1. Keyless TSA lock:  Each luggage is dedicated to keeping your possessions safe. 


5. 5 years’ stress-free warranty: Our luggage comes with 30 days no questions asked return policy. We have created a piece to last with you for ages but if it fails you can claim a warranty. 

6. Free shipping: We provide free shipping on Assembly hard luggage pan India.

Are trolley bags my only travel pal?

As your mode of travel changes from place to place, you can even switch among your travel pals. 


  • Trolley back-  The perfect pal for city commute that allows you to juggle between professional and personal life.


  • Overnighter- The go-to soft luggage for short trips.

  • Work gear- Crafted for work, these laptop backpacks have hardshell casings, flat lay design and cushioned shoulder straps.

Tech organizer- All your utilities like charger, cable, tablet/iPad in one place to carry with ease.

Future of trolley bags online

Given the drastic changes, the travel industry has gone through. The need for hard luggage and trolley bags to match different types of travellers increases. For instance, we are trying to incorporate a charging solution in a cabin or check-in luggage. That allows users to charge from their luggage itself. An aid that comes in handy during vacation is a friend, indeed.

In the end, for effortless travelling, you need a sturdy companion. Let Assembly be your travel pal. For more stories click here.

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