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Airline Cabin Guidelines




1 cabin luggage item per person


Cabin Luggage allowance varies depending on type of aircraft / class of travel (first class, premier, or economy), Domestic or International Flights, Routes, and Airline privilege status. However, if we consider what is eligible for all such airline situations - then only 1 item per person can be planned as the allowance for cabin luggage.


Our cabin luggage (Clooney) has been designed to be self sufficient as the 1 item allowed as a carry-on bag in the flight. It includes the functionality of our laptop bag. If you were to carry both a laptop bag & a cabin luggage for your flight - and if the airline decides to enforce the cabin luggage policy - then you may be asked to check-in one of the items.


7 kgs max limit per cabin luggage


Cabin luggage restrictions for all airlines is usually 7 kgs for a fully packed bag. Since the empty bag weight for our cabin luggage is approx 3 kgs, there is enough available weight/capacity to carry all belongings for a 2-3 day trip - while staying within the max weight limit that airlines allow.