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Who We Are

Crafted Bags & Luggage


We are an emerging luggage label. Our core design philosophy is to create products that make the travel experience better, enabling smoother transit & better organisation on a trip. We launched our label in 2019 and we are based in Gurgaon. 


Team of Luggage Geeks



The photo you see above is of one of the walls in our workshop: the 2 frames in the centre are both patents - first one issued in 1972 to Barnard Sadow, an executive in a US-based Luggage firm. It was the first time wheels were attached to a luggage so that it rolled better. Second one issued in 1991 to Robert Plath, a US airline pilot. It was the first time an upright trolley was attached to a luggage for convenient handling. We internally call this the Luggage Wall of Fame!

Today, we all would take trolleys & wheels for granted in our luggage, but both inventions aren't from too long ago. These 2 frames in the backdrop are an inspiration to us as we brainstorm our next round of product ideas. Needless to say, we are a team of luggage geeks:)


Why the name ‘Assembly’


Few people realize how technical making luggage really is - dozens of varied components need to be brought together on an assembly line to create a single piece of luggage. In our early days, our team was debating which of these parts is most important in the luggage construction – is it the trolley? Is the wheels? Is it the zipper? We couldn’t hone in on any single part because each component has a significant role to play and without any one, the luggage is not fit for use. And then it hit us – that since it is the assembly department in a factory where the magic of a luggage product all comes together, let's call our label ‘Assembly’.





Company's Legal name and Address
Dismantle Digital Private Limited
D-92, South City-1, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122001
Customer Care: +91 8800826308

Founding Team

Aditya Khanna  – Previously, Co-founder at Kara ( – a label focused on essential leather goods. Kara is currently available through 1000+ stores in 100+cities pan-India. Previously, was a co-founder at Tyroo Media (an online advertising network promoted by Smile Group & acquired by Dentsu). Hold a B.Com (Hons.) from Sriram College of Commerce (SRCC), and am on leave from the full-time MBA program at Kellogg. Have a healthy obsession of playing tennis regularly & an unhealthy obsession of watching too much NBA. (Email:
Mohit Garg – Co-founder at Novex ( – one of the top luggage factories in India that has also serviced a loyal corporate base of 500+ large Indian corporations for their luggage requirements. Has built strong expertise in modern luggage manufacturing methods, and has led the technology transfer initiative internally to build a state of the art luggage factory in India. Holds a Management Degree from Jain University in Bangalore. Outside of work, enjoy discovering new music and traveling to unexplored destinations. (Email: