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1. What is a Monogram

A monogram is a personalized design consisting of a person's initials or name to make something more special, thoughtful and unique.


2. What is the material of Monogram tag

The material we use as the Monogram tag is "Faux Leather".


Monogram tag

3. How it will look on the bag

If you want to write your name/initials on the luggage to make it your own or you’re keen to personalize it as a gift for someone else, we can do that for you for no extra charge. This photo below will give an idea of how the monogrammed bag will look. Our recommended monogram colour on all our products (for all colours) is grey. To do such a monogram, we use a process called heat transfer, which gives better quality than screen printing. It is not embossed on the bag.





4. Maximum of 10 text & numeric letters recommended

Only Upper-case letters up to a max of 10 letters is suggested for a clearer print in the available space. Thus, if your full name exceeds that letter count (including spaces), then we recommend using either your initials or first name only. The font size of the letters (Height * Length) is approx 1.4  * 0.8 (in cms) and the monogram is placed in the top corner of one of the ends of the front panel (as shown in photo). Please note that only (a) the 26 text letters from A to Z of the English language can be used and (b) the 10 numeric letters from 0 to 9 can be used. (c) only 6 special characters can be used ( & , - , @ , # , * , . ) since we have a provision for only these ones in our monogram mechanism as of now. (d) we cannot print any other custom files that are shared with us separately (e) in case you are using text initials, then we suggest not leaving space between the initials. So MG is better than M G.


5. Extending monogram to more than 10 letters

In case we increase the letter count to more than 10 letters, then the text extends beyond the corner of the front panel towards the middle, which ideally isn't recommended for aesthetic reasons. However, if you don't mind that, then we can extend the letter count as per your liking to a few more. 


To execute this: if you would like the monogram to be longer than 10 letters, then (a) while placing the order on the product page, you can leave the monogram text blank in the space provided since there is a 10 letter limit setting on the product page (b) after placing the order, please drop us an email on with the exact longer monogram text, and we will take care of your special request while processing the order further.



6. How to submit a monogram request

To monogram your bag, you need to simply mention the text you want on the respective product page while placing the order before proceeding with the checkout of your order as shown in the below screenshot. We’ll do the rest:)





7. Which of our products it is available on

The monogram facility is available on all our main products: Cabin Luggage | Overnighter | Laptop Messenger Bag | Laptop Backpack | Laptop Sleeve. However, the monogram is not available on any of the packing organizers as it would not be visible enough.


8. Removing the monogram

If after purchasing a monogrammed bag, you would like to remove it for any reason, we can do that at our workshop. We have the tools to remove a monogram precisely without damaging the bag. However, we would not recommend attempting to remove or edit the monogram at your own end as that would risk damaging the product. Please note that the user will need to coordinate the logistics of drop & pickup of the bag from our workshop.


9. Flexible returns policy

Our flexible returns policy is equally applicable on any product that has been monogrammed as well.  So feel free to go ahead with your monogram while placing the order.


10. When the monogram can be added post placing the order

In case you have missed mentioning the monogram text while placing the order, you can send us an email on with the monogram text and we can do that for you. If the bag hasn't been shipped out from our end, we can do the monogram before shipping it.


11. When the monogram cannot be added post placing the order

However, if you have missed mentioning the monogram text while placing the order, and your bag is already shipped from our end through our shipping partner or already delivered to your address, then we cannot take a fresh monogram request. The user can however have it done at our workshop. Please note that the user will need to coordinate the logistics of drop & pickup of the bag from our workshop.


For any other details, please reach out to us at