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The Assembly: Merchandiser Requirement

We have a full-time merchandiser / designer opportunity that recently opened.

About Us

We are incubating a business luggage label called ‘The Assembly’. For a long time in India, bags used by working professionals have been treated as a somewhat boring, simple utility with minimal emphasis on both aesthetics and function. We are building products that elevate business bags to a lifestyle product that also functionally improve a user’s commuting or business travel experience dramatically.

 To build such products, we have taken a core functional design approach to solve pain points of working professionals that current mass market brands built on manufacturing / distribution muscle miss out on. Our first product is a carry-on luggage product designed for short haul business travel, and we are gradually building out our product range to include several more such relevant sub categories such as laptop shoulder bags, laptop backpacks, overnighters and so on.

Preferred skills

  • Working knowledge of the technical construction of Bags.
  • Sourcing raw materials required for make the products.
  • Coordinating a team of technicians to construct the products.
  • Managing end to end operations for sampling/production Schedule.
  • Familiar with fabrics like polyester / PU that are mostly used in Bags.
  • Believes in the philosophy: ‘Design is not just how it looks, but how it works’.

For any more details about us, you can go to and for any clarifications, feel free to connect with us at