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Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is to create products that make the travel experience better, enabling smoother transit & better organisation on a trip.


1. Less is more

To do that effectively, we feel that the functional skeleton design of each category can be best shown through a single well designed & researched product. By keeping a narrow focus, we feel we have the best shot at creating the best product, rather than relying on cosmetic changes to create more product lines that don't add value in a category. Ofcourse each product is made available in multiple colours & patterns.


Design philosophy

For you, the user, the benefit is that it reduces the need to evaluate which product is best and you can leave that legwork to us. We do think that our final offering in each category is the best functional version of how best to travel for different requirements (daily commute, 1 day travel, 2-3 days travel and so on). We live in a world where there is so much noise, and having such a 'less is more' approach makes life easier for our users.


2. Products combine seamlessly


Each of our products has been designed to be used stand alone or together. So, if you're looking for a laptop messenger bag to go with your overnighter luggage, both have been designed to be used together smoothly.