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"Just the thing I needed for my vacation."

I'm completely in love with this luggage - looks & functionality both. Well for starters, it has a sturdy build quality and ample space. Also, appreciate the packing cubes as they come in handy for terrific organisation. Overall, can't wait to take this one for a spin on my next vacation!! Very impressed!!!


"My perfect travel pal"
The combination of high build quality and fine details has won me over. I have the cabin luggage which is perfect for my 3-4 day trips. I really feel secure with the Keyless TSA lock and the details on the luggage act as my reminder to switch off from the world and take a much-needed break. Looking forward to my vacation now!

@Prakriti & Ashish

"A travel essential"

It seems like I had been searching for something like this for a while. The design quality is impeccable, and the exterior is sturdy. Great buy for an affordable price; what I love the most is the 5-year warranty as I always want to invest in products that last a long time. I chose it because of its intricate details that suit my travelling personality.

@Jagriti K

"Turning out to be my favourite"

I am writing this after using this for 2 trips, and this luggage has become my favourite. The storage, the sturdy design!!! Looks like I have my perfect match for Bali later this year!!!

What I most love about the luggage are the free packing cubes and dust cover.

Looking forward to my next vacation already!


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