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Better Ways to Pack

For a better packing experience, we recommend using our set of 4 packing aids: (a) large packing cube (b) small packing cube (c) toiletry kit (d) shoe bag. Each packing aid is for a specific category of items for better organisation.


By compressing all your belongings into these packing aids - it compartmentalizes items, deletes dead space, helps avoid rummaging, and gives flexibility to pack/unpack.


Take a look at how the recommended Assembly packing system can create an organised packing experience for you before your trip.


 1. Each packing aid has been filled up with its respective items.

2. Keep both packing cubes, toiletry kit and shoe bag in the main compartment.

3. Laptop sleeve goes into it's separate designated compartment.

4. Zip up both compartments and you're ready to go!