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Charging Port

Setting up your power bank is quick & easy!


1. Use the cable wire we have provided to connect your power bank to the USB slot on the inside end within the cabin luggage.



2. Insert your power bank into the designated pocket inside the cabin luggage.



3. Access the USB slot embedded in the side of your trolley bag to charge your device from the outside of the cabin luggage *.


Access USB Slot

4. Once the charging port setup is complete, and your device is charging, there will be a small blue bulb on the trolley (next to the USB port) that gets switched on. This will indicate that the setup is working fine.


5. Please note that the lid covering the USB port is detachable but firm. To clasp the lid onto the trolley, it needs to be bent from each of the sides as shown in this photo.


6. When the USB port is not in use, you can keep the lid on to avoid dust from settling inside. However, when the USB port is in use, the lid can be snapped off and kept safely in the front pocket organizer for later use. Having said that, the lid acts more as a detachable dust cover but functionally, there is no issue with the bag or the USB port even if the lid cover is not used.