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What is Hard Luggage?

As the name suggests -Hard luggage is trolley bags that have a rigid exterior. Since travelling has expanded and become a part of daily lives so have hard luggage. Over time they have gone through enormous changes in design, build quality and functionality. The first luggage was invented in the Kingdom of Britain in 1153 to transport weapons during the Crusade.

These travel bags for men and women compared to soft luggage offer the following:-

  • A hard exterior made of polycarbonate exterior, which provides a tough casing.
  • Due to the hard casing, the trolley bags for travel keep personal possessions safe from rain, snow, hail and dust.
  • Hard luggage is ergonomic with an extendable handle and 360° wheels so that people are able to carry luggage easily.
  • Given its rigid construction for protection, hard luggage is not flexible enough.

Types of Hard Luggage?

Based on the following we can classify different types of hard luggage:-

Build Material: Based on the types material there are 3 types:

Aluminum Luggage:  Considered to be the most durable, but the luggage is heavy and getting your hands on one might be expensive.

Polycarbonate Luggage: The best bet when it comes to travel bags, this material is durable and lightweight.

ABS Luggage: This plastic material is lighter but this compromises its durability in the long run.

Ergonomics: For modern-day travellers, this feature is the most popular. 360° wheels for smooth movement and a metallic handle on the trolley for easy handling.

Storage: Travellers prefer different types of luggage depending on the days they’ll be spending. Considering this, we at Assembly have a range of cabin bags and check-ins:-

20’’ Cabin- This trolley bag is fit for 2-3 days of travel.

20’’ Cabin Pro- Comes with an EAS- Easy Access Compartment for storing laptops, books, magazines, etc. for hassle-free airport security checks.

24’’ Check-in- This medium size trolley bag is ideal for 3-5 days of travel.

28’’ Check-in- This large-size trolley bag is ideal for 5-7 days of travel.

Best trolley bags in India 

At Assembly, we create thoughtfully designed luggage and travel bags without compromising on functionality. Every piece of luggage is homegrown and made with top-notch craftsmanship.

Every product is created with keeping the core focus on our users. For instance, we noticed the trajectory of modern-day travellers and how their demands have changed, i.e. travelling with laptops and other accessories to keep up with work commitments. To solve this we’ve added an EAS compartment, a dedicated slot made in our 20’’ cabin pro for the user’s laptop and other quick storage needs. This comes in handy during airport security checks. 

Do you only make hard luggage?

No, we don't just stop at creating just that, whatever your travelling needs, Assembly’s got a hassle-free travel experience for you. We have an array of soft luggage, Laptop bags and backpacks

Features and Info

Our Hard luggage is made in India using the best materials and premium craftsmanship.

1. 100% Polycarbonate Shell: It is the most durable and lightweight material. It is resistant to water, rain, dust and hail keeping your possessions secure.

2. 3 Free packing cubes:  Every luggage comes with 3 packing cubes and a dust cover. The packing cubes help you to pack clothing, toiletries and shoes. The dust cover allows you to keep the luggage clean, for the days you’re not travelling.

3. Ergonomic Trolley: the trolley bag for men and women comes with 360° wheels and a metallic trolley handle.

4. Keyless TSA locks:  Each luggage is dedicated to keeping your possessions safe. 

5. 5 years stress-free warranty: Our luggage comes with 30 days no questions asked return policy. We have created a piece to last with you for ages but if it fails you can claim a warranty. 

6. Free shipping: We provide free shipping on Assembly hard luggage pan India.

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