Refer and earn 5% off in 3 easy steps

  1. Submit your email Id on the Refer & Earn feature.
  2. Once your Id is submitted, you'll get a shareable referral link via email. You can share the link with your friends, from which they can claim a discount of 5% off on their Assembly purchase. 
  3. Once the referred friend has purchased from the link shared- your 5% off coupon code will be activated and you can claim the 5% off too on your next Assembly purchase.
  4. Please note that only one coupon can be claimed per order.

Terms & condition
1. For every successful referral you get a 5% off, for yourself and the referred friend.

  1. The referral code is valid for 1 year only, both for advocates as well as referred friends.
  2. You get 5% off every time you refer a friend, but the offer can be applied once per order.
  3. Multiple coupons cannot be combined, irrespective of how many coupons he/ she has.