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FAQ’S (Frequently Answered Questions)

Product purchase options

Q1. How we can purchase any luggage?

A1. It can be purchased directly from our website – Pls go to the menu on the top left of the screen, then go to the shop tab and all our products can be accessed from there. Orders can be placed directly on each individual product page.

Our products are also available on – go to amazon and search for ‘assembly luggage’. All our product options will show there.

Product pricing & payments

Q2. What is the price of the product?

A2. You’ll find the price details by clicking on each individual product page – for eg: overnighter details can be accessed on -

Q3. Is there any discount available?

A3. Rest assured prices on website are best that we can offer. There is a discount coupon for bulk corporate queries that we get from time to time.
Q4. How we can pay for product?
A4. We have three types of payment methods on our web store
(a) COD (Cash On Delivery) 
(b) Prepaid payment (By net banking, debit cards, credit cards etc). For a full list of payment options through our payment gateway (CCavenue), please refer this link -
(c) Through sezzle EMI option 


Q5. How can I pay via EMI on your webstore?

A5. At checkout, on payment page select the sezzle EMI option and you can easily make payments in 4 installments.

Steps to place order through sezzle EMI:

a) Select sezzle EMI option on payment page

b) Click on complete order

c) Sign up for sezzle if you don't have an account / if have then login and pay the amount to place the order


Q6. What is the interest rate?

A6. There is no interest. You will only have to pay the net amount in 4 installments.


Q7. How does the EMI option work?

A7. When you choose EMI as a payment option, it will automatically divide the payable amount in 4 installments. The first installment will be paid then and there and rest 3 installments will be paid later.


Q8. What is the time limit of payments?

A8. You can pay 3 installments overtime after your purchase with a gap of 2 weeks each.


Product details

Q9. How many colours are available for all products?
A9. We have four colours: Rust / Teal / Blue / Black – all colour options can be seen on the individual product pages.
Q10. Which type of bags do you have?
A10. We have 5 types of bags as of now:-
(a) Overnighter luggage for 1 day travel -
(b) Cabin luggage for 2-3 days travel -
(c) Laptop messenger bag -
(d) Laptop backpack -
(e) Laptop sleeve -
Q11. What are the sizes of the luggage?
A11. We have 2 sizes of luggage currently:-
(a) Overnighter (1 day travel) -16”
(b) Cabin luggage (2-3 days travel) - 20”
Q12. Which type of material is used in the bags?
A12. It is twill polyester – You’ll also find it listed under ‘specifications’ on the product pages.
Q13. Are packing aids available in the bag?
A13. Yes packing aids are included in the bag. You can find details regarding packing aids under Better Organization section of our respective luggage product pages

Q14. How does the charging port work in the luggage?
A14. To make it easier to understand, please refer this link on how it can be easily setup -

Q15. What is the warranty period of the product?
A15. For overnighter and cabin luggage, the warranty period is 3 years. While for laptop messenger bag and laptop backpack, the warranty period is 1 year. You can check warranty period here –

Q16. Your product is so costly/overpriced.

A16. Hi – Rest assured, our prices are best possible for the product value that has been designed. To know more about our users experience with our products, pls refer to this link –


Q17. Is power bank free with the luggage?

A17. No – power bank is not free with luggage, you have to purchase it separately.


Q18. Can my Macbook (16'') fit into Neeson (15.6'')?

A18. Yes, your Macbook (upto 16") will perfectly fit into Neeson (15.6").


Q19. How to check for laptop size before buying our laptop bag/laptop sleeve?

A19. You can check for laptop size by using below methods -

1.) Look for specifications on the backside of your laptop.
2.) Check on the official site/Google with the exact model name of your laptop.
3.) Measure manually using a measuring tape (Start measuring diagonally from the bottom left of the laptop screen to the top right of the laptop screen). 
Q20. What is the size of the tablet that can fit in the tablet kit?
A20. It can hold upto 11 inches tablet in it.
Q21. Is it safe to hold gadgets in?
A21. Yes, both the outer shell and the tablet compartment are padded to make sure your gadgets are secure.

Delivery and Return Policy

Q22. How much time it will take to deliver?
A22. We typically take 6-7 days to deliver pan India. For NCR deliveries, we typically take 3-4 days for the product to be delivered.
Q23. What is your return policy?
A23. We have a flexible return policy in case the product doesn’t meet your expectations. Return process end to end is arranged from us. For more details, it can be accessed on this link - https:/
Q24. For returns, how much time will the courier company take to pick up the parcel?
A24. Once the return process has been formally initiated, the courier company will typically take 3-4 days to collect the parcel.
Q25. How much time will it take for the returned product to reach back the workshop?
A25. Once the product has been picked up by the courier company, it typically takes another 6 – 7 days for the product to reach our workshop.
Q26. Is there any delivery charge?
A26. No – there is no additional delivery charge – it is Free. It is also mentioned on each product page.

Q27. Can we update the shipping address and contact number?
A27. If the product hasn’t been dispatched, the order details can be edited. However, once the product has been dispatched, we are unable to edit the order details.

Q28. Why our area is not serviceable while you say that you deliver pan India?

A28. We have partnered with premier courier companies like Xpressbees, FedEx, and DTDC etc. These companies do deliver pan India so we don’t have an issue most of the time but certain pin codes do not get covered so we are dependent on their coverage.


Q29. Let me know about the Replacement process?

A29. Hi – when the return for your order will be initiated. We inform you through mail. Then the executive from the courier company will come to your registered address to pick up the package within the next 3 – 4 days. You need to make sure that you pack the product properly with all the tags intact. You’ll have to download the attached shipping label in mail and take a print out of that, paste on the package to be returned.


Monogram Process

Q30. In customized monogram, how many letters are possible?
A30. We usually stick maximum 10 letters in CAPS due to the available space. For details about the monogram, please refer this link -
Q31. It is possible to change the monogram?
A31. Yes, It can be changed only if the request is made before the order has been processed. Once the order has been dispatched, monogram can’t be edited.


Q32. I have placed an order through Amazon. Is it possible to put monogram on that?

A32. For orders through Amazon we don't have the monogram facility because dispatches are done from the Amazon's warehouse itself where our stock is kept with them. The orders on our website are dispatched from our own warehouse where monogram facility is available. So it's possible if the order is placed through our website only.



Q33. Which type of lock you have in your bags?

A33. We have number lock system in our bags.


Q34. How do I unlock my combination lock when I forgot the combination?

A34. Unfortunately once a lock's combination is set, there is no way to recover it. In this case the lock will need to be broken to open the bag. However, once the lock is broken, we can ship you a new lock, which can be easily fitted back onto the luggage. You'll need the help of your neighbourhood luggage repair store to fix it on the bag.


Welcome Coupon

Q35. How can I get the welcome coupon?

A35. To know more about the welcome coupon, Pls visit on our page -


Q36. What will happen If I have a pop-up blocker installed in my device?

A36. If the pop-up blocker is installed in your device or you are surfing from the brave private browser then the pop-up will not be displayed to you.


Q37. Who can see this pop-up?

A37. You can see this welcome coupon pop-up if-

  1. You are a New User
  2. You stay on the website for at least 15 sec.
Note:- If you have already filled your details the pop-up will not appear to you.